PosNumDriverTeamPitLast †BestStatusPrevSectorGapDiff
↓11Gábor GyüreTeam S1DUS20:121:14.72FIN1:16.40sector 175 laps
↓213Pauli PeltokangasTeam S1DUS20:291:15.14FIN1:16.02sector 124.7924.79
↓325Ayoub El HannouniBorn 2 Race20:121:15.61FIN1:16.61sector 144.2819.49
↓446Rafael CostaMaster Race car20:291:15.31FIN1:17.95sector 11:01.2316.95
↓510Igor SantosRoda Presa Racing Team30:411:16.32FIN1:18.79sector 12 laps2 laps
↓62Zdravko TopolnjakFragmaster30:061:16.02FIN1:17.15sector 113.8413.84
↓719Lucas RosaRoda Presa Racing Team20:421:16.12FIN1:17.96sector 131.6317.79
↓824Todd Bonzalez20:021:16.95FIN1:16.95sector 14 laps2 laps
↓994Santtu SaraFragmaster2PIT1:15.54RET1:15.54sector 332 laps28 laps
↓1099Muhammad bin Ismael2PIT1:18.00RET1:20.22sector 337 laps5 laps
↓1164Martin KapalSAVAGE SimSports1:18.15RET1:19.08sector 364 laps27 laps
↓1263Marc Planells1:18.87RET1:21.85sector 266 laps2 laps
↓1373Gabriel LaraTop Racing1PIT1:19.48RET1:20.81sector 369 laps3 laps
↓147Farkas KrisztiSauber BMW F1 Team1OUT6:34.47DQ6:34.47sector 274 laps

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† Last pit - the difference in time between the car's last completed lap and the time they exited the pit lane.

Master Race car's BF1 League 2023 - standings after round 1

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