PosNumDriverTeamPitLast †BestStatusPrevSectorGapDiff
↓11Gábor GyüreTeam S1DUS20:062:06.05FIN2:07.49sector 135 laps
↓25Imran AzharMaster Race car20:082:07.02FIN2:08.25sector 133.7533.75
↓310Igor SantosRoda Presa Racing Team20:362:07.86FIN2:14.26sector 150.8117.06
↓49Eufracio VillarrealMaster Race car20:062:07.69FIN2:08.09sector 150.820.01
↓525Ayoub El HannouniBorn 2 Race20:062:07.70FIN2:09.69sector 151.600.78
↓694Santtu SaraFragmaster20:322:06.33FIN2:06.33sector 11:09.9618.36
↓746Rafael CostaMaster Race car20:062:07.02FIN2:08.91sector 11:56.2746.31
↓819Lucas RosaRoda Presa Racing Team30:082:08.37FIN2:09.13sector 11 lap1 lap
↓926Maciej KlimczykRace Green Autosports20:222:09.74FIN2:11.46sector 11:02.821:02.82
↓1015Alejandro PérezFurtive Racing20:042:08.12RET2:14.20sector 210 laps9 laps
↓114Dawid GóźdźMaster Race car2PIT2:09.13RET2:39.03sector 117 laps7 laps
↓122Zdravko TopolnjakFragmaster20:282:08.27RET2:08.27sector 220 laps3 laps
↓1316Pablo SaettoneFurtive Racing1PIT2:11.78RET2:14.30sector 129 laps9 laps
↓1493Daniel LukaštíkFragmaster10:092:13.33RET2:13.33sector 33.703.70
↓1545Yassin BidalDepartment of Defence10:043:03.62RET1:32:47.65sector 132 laps3 laps
↓1699Muhammad bin IsmaelDNS

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† Last pit - the difference in time between the car's last completed lap and the time they exited the pit lane.

Master Race car's BF1 League 2023 - standings after round 2

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